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I was born in Chicago in November of 1958. That makes me a Scorpio: a lover of all things hidden and passionate about life, and the transition known as “death”. Like most children, I had spiritual experiences that society taught me to disregard by the time I was an adult. Read more…

You can learn more about me, and my history in the world of metaphysics

I devote much of my free time to the study of Science and Spirituality. Much more to come later on that topic, but for now you can see my recommended reading list — a work of love,a work in progress.

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Next to come, a list of links for those looking for scientific research into mind-body-spirit consciousness studies. Appropriate open-minded skepticism (not cynicism) and debunking-the-debunkers. Find out why I’m skeptical of PMS: Professional Media Skeptics.

Also coming, articles, links, and other resources for transforming your life!